Special Yoga for Beginners Course!

Yoga in Bend, Oregon: Yoga for Beginners Class PackagesFrom time to time, Iyengar Yoga of Bend offers special ‘Intro to Yoga 5-week Courses’ to help beginners start right with yoga!

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Tuition $62 for the series (first time students only*), or $16 drop-in. Students retaking the course are welcome but pay for a normal class package on line.
*Students who haven’t been in class for over 1 year are also eligible for discount.

5 Week Intro Course for Beginning Students

  • $0.00

Perfect opportunity for anyone brand new to yoga or just new to Iyengar Yoga! You will never feel lost in the crowd at Iyengar Yoga of Bend because we are truly a school of yoga. Everyone receives individual attention and guidance in how to do the poses safely and with attention to correct alignment, resulting in obtaining the maximum benefit of each posture.  Individual modifications and knowledgeable use of a wide variety of yoga props allows every body to feel successful from the first class!  The stiffest of bodies can practice this method safely and progressively.

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By participating in a 5 week Intro Series you will:

  • establish a regular yoga class habit
  • learn basic: standing poses, seated poses, simple twists, breathing instruction, posture correction and the art of relaxation
  • be prepared to join any Beginner (or possibly even Level 1 class) at the studio with confidence

… All in a welcoming, student-focused learning environment. Iyengar Yoga emphasizes correct alignment of all parts of the body within each pose. Each class ends with guided relaxation. All levels of physical ability and stiffness are welcomed at Iyengar Yoga, one of the world’s most widely practiced methods.

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